2022/23 Leaf Trinity Basketball Review

2022/23 Leaf Trinity Basketball Review

The next basketball product is here! 2022/23 Leaf Trinity Basketball has hit the shelves at Sports Card Market and is now available for purchase in store and online. 

In each hobby box you’ll find on average: 

  • 5 Autographs 

This is another debut product for Leaf as they try to expand their empire with different sets for collectors. Once again this product specializes in the past, present, and the future. Featuring a ride variety of players. 

I’m a big fan of how Leaf is making this product different from others in the past. Each card in the set is limited to less than 50 copies while also showcasing some cool designs. You can now hit patches that feature logos like Nike or Adidas and an NBA Logoman. 

I think this Leaf product is one of my favorite basketball products they’ve produced this year. There are a ton of NBA stars in the product with a good mix of college guys who just got drafted like Brandon Miller. We opened 1 box of the new release, below are all of the hits from our box including a top rookie autograph! 

Starting off with our first 2 cards. A Roddy Gayle Jr autograph numbered to 15 copies and a Kevin Mccullar patch autograph numbered to 40 copies. Gayle Jr is an Ohio State product who just capped off his Freshman year by scoring 20 points in the Big 10 Semi-Final Game. McCullar is going into his Senior year at Kansas and hopes to bring another title back to Lawrence. 

Our next card was of one of the newest draft picks out of Duke, Derreck Lively. Lively was taken 12th overall by the Dallas Mavericks. The Center will certainly bring some much needed help to Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving. I expect him to be a great player for years to come. 

Our last patch autograph was of Rockets rookie TyTy Washington Jr. TyTy did not have the NBA start that he was hoping for after averaging only 5 points per game on 36% shooting. The Kentucky guard hopes to bring another spark to a Rockets team going through a re-build. 

Finally, our last card and arguably our best was a Bennedict Mathurin Clear Autograph numbered to 49 copies. Mathurin looked fantastic in his rookie season averaging over 16 points per game while shooting almost 45% from the field. Him and Halliburton will be a dangerous duo for the next few years in the Eastern Conference. 

Overall, I think we did pretty good. A lot of guys who have some potential with a proven rookie who can get it done. If you’re interested in purchasing a box for yourself you can do so here (2022/23 Leaf Trinity Basketball Hobby Box). 

2022-23 Leaf Trinity Basketball Checklist

Base Autographs Silver Set Checklist

123 cards. Serial numbered #/49 or less.

PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/35, Blue #/30, Holo Platinum #/25, Holo Green #/20, Holo Silver #/15, Holo Gold #/10, Red #/5, Purple 1/1.

BA-AB2 Armando Bacot ARC

BA-AD1 Adrame Diongue

BA-AF1 Alex Fudge ARC

BA-AJG A.J. Griffin XRC

BA-AM1 Aminu Mohammed ARC

BA-AM2 Aneesah Morrow ARC

BA-AM3 Arterio Morris

BA-AN1 Andrew Nembhard XRC

BA-BM1 Bennedict Mathurin XRC

BA-BM2 Brandon Miller

BA-BW1 Blake Wesley XRC

BA-CB1 Chris Bell ARC

BA-CH1 Caleb Houstan XRC

BA-CJ1 Colby Jones ARC

BA-CL1 Caleb Love XRC

BA-CRF Cam’Ron Fletcher ARC

BA-CW1 Chance Westry

BA-DB1 Dee Brown

BA-DC1 Devan Cambridge

BA-DD1 Darius Days XRC

BA-DDR DeMar DeRozan

BA-DH1 Destanni Henderson XRC

BA-DH2 Dylan Harper ARC

BA-DJ1 Dior Johnson

BA-DL1 Dereck Lively

BA-DT1 Dalen Terry XRC

BA-DW1 Dominique Wilkins

BA-EB1 Enoch Boakye ARC

BA-EC1 Elliot Cadeau

BA-EE1 Emily Engstler XRC

BA-EJL E.J. Liddell XRC

BA-GB1 Gabe Brown XRC


BA-HD1 Hunter Dickinson

BA-HO1 Hakeem Olajuwon

BA-IB1 Izaiah Brockington XRC

BA-IJ1 Ian Jackson

BA-IM1 Iverson Molinar XRC

BA-JB1 Jamaree Bouyea XRC

BA-JC1 Jalen Cook ARC

BA-JF1 Johnuel Fland

BA-JH1 Jett Howard ARC

BA-JH2 Jordan Hawkins

BA-JHS Jalen Hood-Schifino ARC

BA-JJ1 Johnny Juzang XRC

BA-JJT JJ Taylor

BA-JK1 Jaxon Kohler ARC

BA-JL1 Jake Laravia XRC

BA-JL2 Justin Lewis XRC

BA-JM1 Jean Montero XRC

BA-JM2 Justin Moore XRC

BA-JP1 Jamari Phillips

BA-JP2 Julian Philips ARC

BA-JS1 Jeremy Sochan XRC

BA-JS2 Jermaine Samuels ARC

BA-JS3 Jewel Spear ARC

BA-JW1 Jabari Walker XRC

BA-JW2 Jalen Wilson

BA-JW3 Jerry West

BA-KB1 Kendall Brown XRC

BA-KB2 Kylan Boswell

BA-KC1 Kennedy Chandler XRC

BA-KC2 Kofi Cockburn XRC

BA-KF1 Kyle Filipowski

BA-KL1 Kamari Lands ARC

BA-KM1 Keegan Murray XRC

BA-KM2 Kris Murray ARC

BA-KMC Kevin McCullar XRC

BA-KMG Kameron McGusty XRC

BA-KW1 Kel’el Ware ARC

BA-KW2 Kijani Wright

BA-LB1 Leaky Black ARC

BA-MA1 Mark Armstrong ARC

BA-MB1 Matas Buzelis ARC

BA-MC1 Marquis “Mookie” Cook

BA-MC2 Matt Cleveland

BA-MC3 Max Christie XRC

BA-MF1 Matthew Filipowski ARC

BA-MG1 Maria Gakdeng ARC

BA-MG2 Mouhamed Gueye

BA-MJ1 Magic Johnson

BA-MM1 Mackenzie Mgbako ARC

BA-MM2 Mark Mitchell

BA-MM3 Mike Miles ARC

BA-MW1 Mark Williams XRC

BA-MW2 Mikey Williams

BA-NC1 Naasir Cunningham

BA-NJ1 Nikola Jovic XRC

BA-NS1 NaLyssa Smith XRC

BA-NSJ Nick Smith Jr. ARC

BA-OB1 Omaha Biliew ARC

BA-OD1 Ousmane Dieng XRC

BA-OM1 Olivia Miles ARC

BA-PBJ Patrick Baldwin Jr. XRC

BA-PN1 Pete Nance XRC

BA-PW1 Peyton Watson XRC

BA-RGJ Roddy Gayle Jr. ARC

BA-RH1 Rhyne Howard XRC

BA-RHJ Ron Harper Jr. XRC

BA-RR1 Ryan Rollins XRC

BA-SC1 Skyy Clark XRC

BA-SC2 Stephen Curry

BA-SH1 Scoot Henderson

BA-SO1 Shaquille O'Neal

BA-TB1 Tevin Brown XRC

BA-TE1 Tari Eason XRC

BA-TF1 Trentyn Flowers ARC

BA-TJD Trayce Jackson-Davis

BA-TK1 Trevor Keels XRC

BA-TN1 Tyler Nickel XRC

BA-TP1 Tahaad Pettiford ARC

BA-TP2 Tyrese Proctor ARC

BA-TS1 Terrence Shannon Jr.

BA-TVO Talia Von Oelhoffenn ARC

BA-TW1 Trevion Williams

BA-TWJ TyTy Washington Jr. XRC

BA-VB1 Veronica Burton XRC

BA-VM1 Vyctorius Miller

BA-VWJ Vince Williams Jr. XRC

BA-WK1 Walker Kessler XRC

BA-WM1 Wendell Moore XRC

BA-YT1 Yohan Traore

BA-ZE1 Zach Edey ARC


2022-23 Leaf Trinity Basketball Autograph Checklist


Clear Auto Silver Set Checklist

122 cards. Serial numbered #/49 or less.

PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/35 or less, Blue #/30 or less, Holo Platinum #/25 or less, Holo Green #/20 or less, Holo Silver #/15 or less, Holo Gold #/10 or less, Red #/5 or less, Purple #/1

CA-AB1 Alex Barcello

CA-AB2 Armando Bacot

CA-AD1 Adrame Diongue

CA-AF1 Alex Fudge

CA-AI2 Allen Iverson

CA-AJG A.J. Griffin

CA-AK1 Arthur Kaluma

CA-AM1 Aminu Mohammed

CA-AM2 Arterio Morris

CA-AM3 Aneesah Morrow

CA-AN1 Andrew Nembhard

CA-BM1 Bennedict Mathurin

CA-BM2 Brandon Miller

CA-BW1 Blake Wesley

CA-CB1 Chris Bell

CA-CH1 Caleb Houstan

CA-CJ1 Colby Jones

CA-CL1 Caleb Love

CA-CRF Cam’Ron Fletcher

CA-CW1 Chance Westry

CA-DB1 Dee Brown

CA-DC1 Devan Cambridge

CA-DD1 Darius Days

CA-DDR DeMar DeRozan

CA-DH1 Destanni Henderson

CA-DH2 Dylan Harper

CA-DJ1 Dior Johnson

CA-DL1 Dereck Lively

CA-DT1 Dalen Terry

CA-DW1 Dominique Wilkins

CA-EB1 Enoch Boakye

CA-EC1 Elliot Cadeau

CA-EE1 Emily Engstler

CA-EJL E.J. Liddell

CA-GB1 Gabe Brown

CA-GGJ GG Jackson

CA-HD1 Hunter Dickinson

CA-IB1 Izaiah Brockington

CA-IJ1 Ian Jackson

CA-IM1 Iverson Molinar

CA-JB1 Jamaree Bouyea

CA-JC1 Jalen Cook

CA-JF1 Johnuel Fland

CA-JH1 Jett Howard

CA-JH2 Jordan Hawkins

CA-JHS Jalen Hood-Schifino

CA-JJ1 Johnny Juzang

CA-JJT JJ Taylor

CA-JK1 Jaxon Kohler

CA-JL1 Jake Laravia

CA-JL2 Justin Lewis

CA-JM1 Jean Montero

CA-JM2 Justin Moore

CA-JP1 Jamari Phillips

CA-JP2 Julian Philips

CA-JS1 Jeremy Sochan

CA-JS2 Jermaine Samuels

CA-JS3 Jewel Spear

CA-JW1 Jabari Walker

CA-JW2 Jalen Wilson

CA-JW3 Jerry West

CA-KB1 Kendall Brown

CA-KC1 Kennedy Chandler

CA-KC2 Kofi Cockburn

CA-KE1 Keon Ellis

CA-KF1 Kyle Filipowski

CA-KL1 Kamari Lands

CA-KM1 Keegan Murray

CA-KM2 Kris Murray

CA-KMC Kevin McCullar

CA-KMG Kameron McGusty

CA-KW1 Kel’el Ware

CA-KW2 Kijani Wright

CA-LB1 Leaky Black

CA-MA1 Mark Armstrong

CA-MB1 Matas Buzelis

CA-MC1 Marquis “Mookie” Cook

CA-MC2 Max Christie

CA-MF1 Matthew Filipowski

CA-MG1 Maria Gakdeng

CA-MG2 Mouhamed Gueye

CA-MJ1 Magic Johnson

CA-MM1 Mackenzie Mgbako

CA-MM2 Mike Miles

CA-MW1 Mark Williams

CA-MW2 Mikey Williams

CA-NC1 Naasir Cunningham

CA-NJ1 Nikola Jovic

CA-NS1 NaLyssa Smith

CA-NSJ Nick Smith Jr.

CA-OB1 Omaha Biliew

CA-OD1 Ousmane Dieng

CA-OM1 Olivia Miles

CA-PBJ Patrick Baldwin Jr.

CA-PN1 Pete Nance

CA-PW1 Peyton Watson

CA-RGJ Roddy Gayle Jr.

CA-RH1 Rhyne Howard

CA-RHJ Ron Harper Jr.

CA-RR1 Ryan Rollins

CA-SC1 Skyy Clark

CA-SH1 Scoot Henderson

CA-SK1 Shawn Kemp

CA-TB1 Tevin Brown

CA-TE1 Tari Eason

CA-TF1 Trentyn Flowers

CA-TJD Trayce Jackson-Davis

CA-TK1 Trevor Keels

CA-TN1 Tyler Nickel

CA-TP1 Tahaad Pettiford

CA-TP2 Tyrese Proctor

CA-TSJ Terrence Shannon Jr.

CA-TVO Talia Von Oelhoffenn

CA-TW1 Trevion Williams

CA-TWJ TyTy Washington Jr.

CA-VB1 Veronica Burton

CA-VM1 Vyctorius Miller

CA-VWJ Vince Williams Jr.

CA-WK1 Walker Kessler

CA-WM1 Wendell Moore

CA-YT1 Yohan Traore

CA-ZE1 Zach Edey


Divinity Signatures Set Checklist

46 cards.

D-AI2 Allen Iverson

D-AJG A.J. Griffin

D-AK1 Arthur Kaluma

D-AM1 Aminu Mohammed

D-AM1 Aneesah Morrow

D-AM2 Arterio Morris

D-AN1 Andrew Nembhard

D-BM1 Bennedict Mathurin

D-BW1 Blake Wesley

D-DC1 Devan Cambridge

D-DD1 Dyson Daniels

D-DDR DeMar DeRozan

D-DH1 Destanni Henderson

D-DL1 Dereck Lively

D-DT1 Dalen Terry

D-DW1 Dominique Wilkins

D-EE1 Emily Engstler

D-EJL E.J. Liddell

D-IJ1 Ian Jackson

D-JH1 Jett Howard

D-JH2 Jordan Hawkins

D-JJT JJ Taylor

D-JP1 Julian Philips

D-JW1 Jerry West

D-KC1 Kennedy Chandler

D-KC2 Kofi Cockburn

D-KE1 Keon Ellis

D-KW1 Kijani Wright

D-MB1 Matas Buzelis

D-MC1 Matt Cleveland

D-MF1 Matthew Filipowski

D-MG1 Maria Gakdeng

D-MM1 Mark Mitchell

D-MW1 Mark Williams

D-NSJ Nick Smith Jr.

D-OB1 Omaha Biliew

D-OD1 Ousmane Dieng

D-OM1 Olivia Miles

D-RHJ Ron Harper Jr.

D-SC1 Skyy Clark

D-SC2 Stephen Curry

D-TE1 Tari Eason

D-TJD Trayce Jackson-Davis

D-TP1 Tahaad Pettiford

D-TWJ TyTy Washington Jr.

D-WM1 Wendell Moore


Dual Autographs Silver Set Checklist

23 cards. Serial numbered #/49 or less.

PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/35, Blue #/30, Holo Platinum #/25, Holo Green #/20, Holo Silver #/15, Holo Gold #/10, Red #/5, Purple 1/1.

DA-1 Aminu Mohammed / Mike Foster

DA-2 Andrew Nembhard / Bennedict Mathurin

DA-3 Caleb Love / Leaky Black

DA-4 Dalen Terry / Justin Lewis

DA-5 Darius Days / TyTy Washington Jr.

DA-6 Dereck Lively / Kyle Filipowski

DA-7 Destanni Henderson / Emily Engstler

DA-8 Destanni Henderson / NaLyssa Smith

DA-9 E.J. Liddell / Izaiah Brockington

DA-10 Emily Engstler / NaLyssa Smith

DA-11 Gabe Brown / Ron Harper Jr.

DA-12 Hunter Dickinson / Jett Howard

DA-13 Jake Laravia / Kennedy Chandler

DA-14 Jalen Hood-Schifino / Trayce Jackson-Davis

DA-15 Jalen Wilson / Kevin McCullar

DA-16 Jamaree Bouyea / Nikola Jovic

DA-17 Jerry West / Magic Johnson

DA-18 Julian Philips / JJ Taylor

DA-19 Kijani Wright / DeMar DeRozan

DA-20 Kyle Filipowski / Tyrese Proctor

DA-21 Mark Armstrong / Justin Moore

DA-22 Matas Buzelis / Scoot Henderson

DA-23 Tevin Brown / Jamari Phillips


Logoman Autographs Set Checklist

30 cards. Serial numbered 1/1.

L-AN1 Andrew Nembhard

L-BM1 Bennedict Mathurin

L-CH1 Caleb Houstan

L-DD1 Dyson Daniels

L-DT1 Dalen Terry

L-GB1 Gabe Brown

L-IB1 Izaiah Brockington

L-JB1 Jamaree Bouyea

L-JJ1 Johnny Juzang

L-JL1 Jake Laravia

L-JL2 Justin Lewis

L-JM1 Jean Montero

L-JS1 Jeremy Sochan

L-JW1 Jabari Walker

L-KB1 Kendall Brown

L-KE1 Keon Ellis

L-KM1 Keegan Murray

L-MC1 Max Christie

L-MW1 Mark Williams

L-NJ1 Nikola Jovic

L-PW1 Peyton Watson

L-RHJ Ron Harper Jr.

L-RR1 Ryan Rollins

L-TE1 Tari Eason

L-TK1 Trevor Keels

L-TW1 Trevion Williams

L-TWJ TyTy Washington Jr.

L-VWJ Vince Williams Jr.

L-WK1 Walker Kessler

L-WM1 Wendell Moore


2023 Leaf Trinity Basketball Autograph Relic Checklist


Patch Autographs Silver Set Checklist

56 cards. Serial numbered #/99 or less.

PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/75 or less, Blue #/40 or less, Holo Platinum #/25, Holo Green #/20, Holo Silver #/15, Holo Gold #/10, Red #/5, Black 1/1, Purple 1/1.

PA-AB1 Armando Bacot

PA-AF1 Alex Fudge

PA-AM1 Aminu Mohammed

PA-AN1 Andrew Nembhard

PA-BM1 Bennedict Mathurin

PA-BW1 Blake Wesley

PA-CH1 Caleb Houstan

PA-CL1 Caleb Love

PA-DD1 Dyson Daniels

PA-DH2 Destanni Henderson

PA-DJ1 Dior Johnson

PA-DL1 Dereck Lively

PA-DT1 Dalen Terry

PA-EB1 Enoch Boakye

PA-EE1 Emily Engstler

PA-GB1 Gabe Brown

PA-HD1 Hunter Dickinson

PA-IB1 Izaiah Brockington

PA-JB2 Jamaree Bouyea

PA-JH1 Jett Howard

PA-JH2 Jordan Hawkins

PA-JHS Jalen Hood-Schifino

PA-JJ1 Johnny Juzang

PA-JK1 Jaxon Kohler

PA-JL1 Jake Laravia

PA-JL2 Justin Lewis

PA-JM2 Justin Moore

PA-JS1 Jeremy Sochan

PA-JW2 Jabari Walker

PA-KB1 Kendall Brown

PA-KE2 Keon Ellis

PA-KF1 Kyle Filipowski

PA-KM1 Keegan Murray

PA-KMC Kevin McCullar

PA-KW1 Kel’el Ware

PA-LB1 Leaky Black

PA-MA1 Mark Armstrong

PA-MC1 Max Christie

PA-MW1 Mark Williams

PA-NJ1 Nikola Jovic

PA-NLS NaLyssa Smith

PA-OB1 Omaha Biliew

PA-OM1 Olivia Miles

PA-PN1 Pete Nance

PA-PW1 Peyton Watson

PA-RGJ Roddy Gayle Jr.

PA-RHJ Ron Harper Jr.

PA-RR1 Ryan Rollins

PA-TE1 Tari Eason

PA-TK1 Trevor Keels

PA-TW1 Trevion Williams

PA-TWJ TyTy Washington Jr.

PA-VB1 Veronica Burton

PA-VWJ Vince Williams Jr.

PA-WK1 Walker Kessler

PA-WM1 Wendell Moore


Flashback Patch Auto Holo Platinum Set Checklist

9 cards. Serial numbered #/99 or less.

PARALLEL CARDS: Copper #/78 or less, Holo Green #/75 or less, Red #/50 or less, Holo Purple #/25 or less, Holo Black #/10 or less, Holo Silver #/5 or less, Holo Gold 1/1.

PA-CK1 Corey Kispert

PA-CT1 Cameron Thomas

PA-DR1 Dennis Rodman

PA-DW1 Dominique Wilkins

PA-GA1 Giannis Antetokounmpo

PA-JS1 Jaden Springer

PA-JW1 Joe Wieskamp

PA-SO1 Shaquille O'Neal

PA-ZW1 Ziaire Williams

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