2022/23 Topps Finest Overtime Elite Basketball Review

2022/23 Topps Finest Overtime Elite Basketball Review

The next Overtime Elite product is finally here, as 2022/23 Topps Finest Overtime Elite has hit the shelves at Sports Card Market. Look for some of the brightest young stars, high school standouts, and a pair of top 5 NBA Draft picks. 

In each hobby box you’ll find on average: 

  • 2 Chrome Autographs 

Overtime Elite is a professional basketball league for players between the ages of 16-20. Some of the top high school and college talent in the country have skipped the second half of high school or college to play in this league with other stars. 

In the most recent NBA Draft Amen and Asur Thompson were picked back to back in the first round going 4th and 5th overall. They were the first draft picks to come from Overtime Elite, but they won’t be the last as more and more high level players are taking their talent to the OTE. 

With the players being so young, most of the cards in this product are the players first ever professional cards. In my opinion your getting really good value with this product for boxes being so cheap. 

There are a ton of different numbered cards and inserts in each box. We had to open one box just to see what kind of hits we get. While we didn’t hit an Amen or Asur autograph, we did hit some really cool low numbered cards. Below are all the hits! 

Starting off with some of the cooler inserts and refractors from our box.I’m a huge fan of the design of the Bryson Tiller Finest Apprentices, the card reminds me of the topps finest Kobe Bryant rookie. 

Next up we have some of our numbered parallels. We hit 7 different numbered parallels of some of the top players in the league. I love the design of the Eli Ellis Interstellar insert. The card has an awesome design especially in the gold parallel. 

Finally, we have both of our autographs. Starting off with a base autograph of Somto Cyril. Cyril will be playing for the Kentucky Wildcats next season as he’ll try to bring another title to Lexington. Our second autograph was of 5 Star Recruit and top prospect for the class of 2024, Naasir Cunningham. Cunningham will surely be a first round pick in 2 years as he has tons of talent. 

Overall, I think our box was very good. We hit a ton of numbered cards with 2 decent autographs. The only thing that would have made it better would have been an Amen or Asur Thompson autograph. If you’re interested in purchasing a box for yourself you can do so here (2022/23 Topps Finest Overtime Elite Basketball Hobby Box).

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