2023 Leaf Vivid Football Review

2023 Leaf Vivid Football Review

The newest Leaf product is now available and it’s beautiful. As last week we saw the release of the new 2023 Leaf Vivid Football. Boxes are now available for purchase in store and online. 

In each hobby box you’ll find on average: 

  • 5 Autographs 

While I’m not new to the card game, I am relatively new to Leaf. I’ve only been paying attention to Leaf products for the last 2 years and they’ve taken some HUGE steps forward in their production. It seems with each new release the cards get better and better. From better players to better designs, Leaf is definitely on the upswing.

While Leaf does make a good amount of products, Leaf Vivid is one of my favorites. Vivid is known for its bright designs and colors as well as having some top tier playmakers as autographs. This year’s product was no different as you can see from the cards we hit in our box. Below are all 5 autographs we hit, including a pair of 1/1 autographs. 

We’ll start it off with these three autographs. Our first autograph was a purple autograph of Charlie Jones numbered 2 out of 2. Jones was a 4th round pick to the Bengals coming out of Purdue. Our second autograph was of Eli Holstein who is the rookie QB for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Then our third autograph was of Texas QB Quinn Ewers. Not a bad start to this box! 

Next up we have two 1/1 autographs. The first is of which is an autograph of Dontayvion Wicks who was the 5th round pick for the Packers. Our second autograph was a 1/1 Brian Branch autograph. Branch was taken in the second round by the Detroit Lions and looks like an absolute STUD. 

Overall, I think this was a great box. Two 1/1 autographs and a couple autographs of guys with bright features is definitely what we were looking for. If you’re interested in purchasing a box for yourself you can do so here (2023 Leaf Vivid Football Hobby Box). 

2023 Leaf Vivid Football Checklist

Base Autographs Set Checklist

133 cards. Serial numbered #/10 or less.

CRYSTAL VERSIONS: Yellow #/10, Gray #/9, Red #/8, Navy Blue #/7, White #/6, Black #/5, Green #/4, Orange #/3, Purple #/2, Teal 1/1.

MOJO VERSIONS: Yellow #/10, Gray #/9, Red #/8, Navy Blue #/7, White #/6, Black #/5, Green #/4, Orange #/3, Purple #/2, Teal 1/1.

PRISMATIC VERSIONS: Yellow #/10, Gray #/9, Red #/8, Navy Blue #/7, White #/6, Black #/5, Green #/4, Orange #/3, Purple #/2, Teal 1/1, Super Gold 1/1.

All cards not in Crystal/Mojo parallels. See full spreadsheet at the bottom.

BA-AI1 Andrei Iosivas XRC

BA-AP1 Adrian Peterson

BA-AR1 Andre Reed

BA-AR2 Anthony Richardson XRC

BA-AS1 Ainias Smith


BA-BB1 Brian Branch XRC

BA-BB2 Brock Bowers

BA-BG1 Bob Griese

BA-BG2 Brock Glenn ARC

BA-BJ1 Bo Jackson



BA-BP1 Brock Purdy

BA-BR1 Bijan Robinson XRC

BA-CB1 Chase Brown XRC

BA-CJ1 Charlie Jones XRC

BA-CJS C.J. Stroud XRC

BA-CK1 Corey Kiner

BA-CL1 Cameron Latu XRC

BA-CM1 Christian McCaffrey

BA-CP1 Camerun Peoples XRC

BA-CP3 Clark Phillips III XRC

BA-CR1 Cameron Rising

BA-CRJ Chris Rodriguez Jr. XRC

BA-CS1 Cam Smith XRC

BA-CT1 Cedric Tillman XRC

BA-CV1 Christopher Vizzina ARC

BA-CW1 Caleb Williams

BA-DA1 Devon Achane XRC

BA-DB1 Devin Brown

BA-DB2 Dick Butkus

BA-DB3 Drew Brees

BA-DDJ Dontay Demus Jr. XRC

BA-DE1 Donovan Edwards ARC

BA-DK1 Dalton Kincaid XRC

BA-DM1 Drake Maye ARC

BA-DMB DeWayne McBride XRC

BA-DS1 Deion Sanders

BA-DV1 Deuce Vaughn

BA-DW1 Darnell Washington XRC

BA-DW2 Dontayvion Wicks XRC

BA-ED1 Eric Dickerson

BA-EG1 Eric Gray XRC

BA-EH1 Eli Holstein ARC

BA-EH2 Elijah Higgins XRC

BA-EH3 Evan Hull XRC

BA-ES1 Emmitt Smith

BA-ES2 Evan Stewart

BA-FB1 Fred Biletnikoff

BA-GMI George MacIntyre ARC

BA-HH1 Hendon Hooker XRC

BA-HL1 Hunter Luepke XRC

BA-IA1 Israel Abanikanda XRC

BA-IB1 Isaac Bruce

BA-IF1 Isaiah Foskey XRC

BA-JA1 Jordan Addison XRC

BA-JB1 Jermaine Burton

BA-JB2 Jerome Bettis

BA-JB3 Jordan Battle XRC

BA-JC1 Jalen Carter XRC

BA-JC2 Jalen Cropper XRC

BA-JD1 Josh Downs XRC

BA-JG1 Jahmyr Gibbs XRC

BA-JH1 Jake Haener XRC

BA-JH2 Jalin Hyatt XRC

BA-JH3 Jaren Hall XRC

BA-JH4 Justin Herbert

BA-JJ1 Jimmy Johnson

BA-JM1 Jalen Milroe ARC

BA-JM2 Joe Montana

BA-JM3 Johnny Manziel

BA-JM4 Jonathan Mingo XRC

BA-JR1 Jayden Reed XRC

BA-JSN Jaxon Smith-Njigba XRC

BA-JT1 Jason Taylor

BA-JW1 Josh Whyle XRC

BA-KB1 Kayshon Boutte

BA-KJJ KJ Jefferson ARC

BA-KM1 Kendre Miller XRC

BA-KMI Kenny McIntosh XRC

BA-LM1 Luke Musgrave XRC

BA-LS1 Luke Schoonmaker XRC

BA-MA1 Marcus Allen

BA-MD1 Max Duggan XRC

BA-MI1 Mohamed Ibrahim XRC

BA-MM1 Michael Mayer XRC

BA-MM2 Myles Murphy XRC

BA-MMJ Marvin Mims Jr. XRC

BA-MN1 Malachi Nelson

BA-MS1 Mazi Smith XRC

BA-MS2 Mike Singletary

BA-MV1 Michael Vick

BA-MW1 Michael Wilson XRC

BA-NI1 Nico Iamaleava

BA-NS1 Noah Sewell XRC

BA-OBJ Odell Beckham Jr.

BA-PN1 Puka Nacua XRC

BA-PW1 Parker Washington XRC

BA-QE1 Quinn Ewers

BA-QJ1 Quentin Johnston XRC

BA-RB1 Ronnie Bell XRC

BA-RJ1 Roschon Johnson XRC

BA-RL1 Riley Leonard ARC

BA-RM1 Randy Moss

BA-RR1 Rashee Rice XRC

BA-RS1 Roger Staubach

BA-RW1 Roman Wilson ARC

BA-SA1 Steve Atwater

BA-SR1 Spencer Rattler

BA-SS1 Sterling Sharpe

BA-SY1 Steve Young

BA-TB1 Tank Bigsby XRC

BA-TB2 Tim Brown

BA-TC1 Tom Coughlin

BA-TD1 Tank Dell ARC

BA-TD2 Tony Dorsett

BA-TH1 TreVeyon Henderson

BA-TH2 Tyreek Hill

BA-TM1 Tanner McKee XRC

BA-TS1 Trenton Simpson XRC

BA-TS2 Ty Simpson

BA-TS3 Tyjae Spears XRC

BA-TS4 Tyler Scott XRC

BA-TT1 Thurman Thomas

BA-TW1 Tyree Wilson XRC

BA-WAJ Will Anderson Jr. XRC

BA-WH1 Walker Howard

BA-XH1 Xavier Hutchinson XRC

BA-XW1 Xavier Worthy

BA-ZC1 Zach Charbonnet XRC

BA-ZF1 Zay Flowers XRC

BA-ZH1 Zach Harrison XRC


2023 Leaf Vivid Football Autograph Checklist

Animation Autographs Set Checklist

48 cards. Serial numbered #/10.

A-AI1 Andrei Iosivas

A-AR1 Anthony Richardson

A-ATP A.T. Perry

A-BJO BJ Ojulari

A-BN1 Bo Nix

A-BR1 Bijan Robinson

A-BY1 Bryce Young

A-CB1 Chase Brown

A-CJS C.J. Stroud

A-CRJ Chris Rodriguez Jr.

A-CT1 Cedric Tillman

A-CW1 Caleb Williams

A-DA1 Devon Achane

A-DE1 Donovan Edwards

A-DK1 Dalton Kincaid

A-DM1 Drake Maye

A-DMB DeWayne McBride

A-DV1 Deuce Vaughn

A-EG1 Eric Gray

A-EH1 Elijah Higgins

A-IF1 Isaiah Foskey

A-JB1 Joe Burrow

A-JC2 Jalen Carter

A-JG1 Jahmyr Gibbs

A-JH1 Jalin Hyatt

A-JM1 Joe Montana

A-JSN Jaxon Smith-Njigba

A-JW1 Josh Whyle

A-KM1 Kendre Miller

A-LM1 Luke Musgrave

A-MS1 Mazi Smith

A-NS1 Noah Sewell

A-OBJ Odell Beckham Jr.

A-PM1 Peyton Manning

A-QE1 Quinn Ewers

A-QJ1 Quentin Johnston

A-RR1 Rashee Rice

A-TH1 TreVeyon Henderson

A-TM1 Tanner McKee

A-TS1 Tyjae Spears

A-TS2 Tyler Scott

A-TT1 Thurman Thomas

A-TW1 Tyree Wilson

A-WAJ Will Anderson Jr.

A-XH1 Xavier Hutchinson

A-XW1 Xavier Worthy

A-ZF1 Zay Flowers

A-ZH1 Zach Harrison


Anime Nation Autographs Set Checklist

12 cards. Serial numbered #/10.

AN-AR1 Anthony Richardson

AN-BJ1 Bo Jackson

AN-BP1 Brock Purdy

AN-BR1 Bijan Robinson

AN-BY1 Bryce Young

AN-CJS C.J. Stroud

AN-CW1 Caleb Williams

AN-DM1 Dan Marino

AN-JB1 Joe Burrow

AN-JB2 Jerome Bettis

AN-JG1 Jahmyr Gibbs

AN-JM1 Joe Montana


Colorful Combos Autographs Set Checklist

46 cards. Serial numbered #/10 or less.

CRYSTAL VERSIONS: Yellow #/10, Gray #/9, Red #/8, Navy Blue #/7, White #/6, Black #/5, Green #/4, Orange #/3, Purple #/2, Teal 1/1.

PRISMATIC VERSIONS: Yellow #/10, Gray #/9, Red #/8, Navy Blue #/7, White #/6, Black #/5, Green #/4, Orange #/3, Purple #/2, Teal 1/1, Super Gold 1/1.

All cards not in Crystal parallels. See full spreadsheet at the bottom.

CC-1 A.T. Perry / Jake Haener

CC-2 Ainias Smith / Evan Stewart

CC-3 Andrei Iosivas / Charlie Jones

CC-4 Anthony Richardson / Evan Hull

CC-5 Bijan Robinson / Jahmyr Gibbs

CC-6 Bo Jackson / Deion Sanders

CC-7 Brian Branch / Mohamed Ibrahim

CC-11 Caleb Williams / Drake Maye

CC-12 Caleb Williams / Malachi Nelson

CC-13 Caleb Williams / Spencer Rattler

CC-14 Cameron Latu / Ronnie Bell

CC-15 Deion Sanders / Michael Vick

CC-16 Derrick Brooks / Ray Lewis

CC-17 Deuce Vaughn / Chris Rodriguez Jr.

CC-18 Devin Brown / TreVeyon Henderson

CC-19 Devon Achane / Cam Smith

CC-20 Dick Butkus / Mike Singletary

CC-21 Dick Vermeil / Jimmy Johnson

CC-22 Donovan Edwards / Roman Wilson

CC-23 Drake Maye / Bo Nix

CC-24 Eli Holstein / Ty Simpson

CC-25 Eric Gray / Jalin Hyatt

CC-26 Jake Haener / Kendre Miller

CC-27 Jalen Milroe / Jermaine Burton

CC-28 Jaren Hall / Jordan Addison

CC-29 Joe Montana / John Taylor

CC-30 Jonathan Mingo / Xavier Hutchinson

CC-31 Kenny McIntosh / Zach Charbonnet

CC-32 LaDainian Tomlinson / Jerome Bettis

CC-34 Luke Musgrave / Dontayvion Wicks

CC-35 Marvin Mims Jr. / Rashee Rice

CC-36 Mazi Smith / Luke Schoonmaker

CC-37 Michael Wilson / BJ Ojulari

CC-38 Peyton Manning / Anthony Richardson

CC-39 Quinn Ewers / Xavier Worthy

CC-40 Randy Moss / Adrian Peterson

CC-41 Riley Leonard / Walker Howard

CC-42 Roschon Johnson / Tyler Scott

CC-43 Tank Bigsby / Parker Washington

CC-44 Tank Dell / Tank Bigsby

CC-45 Tanner McKee / Max Duggan

CC-46 Trey Palmer / Elijah Higgins

CC-47 Tyjae Spears / Josh Whyle

CC-48 Will Anderson Jr. / Jalen Carter

CC-49 Zach Harrison / Clark Phillips III

CC-50 Zay Flowers / Dontay Demus Jr.


Colorful Trios Autographs Set Checklist

33 cards. Serial numbered #/10 or less.

CRYSTAL VERSIONS: Yellow #/10, Gray #/9, Red #/8, Navy Blue #/7, White #/6, Black #/5, Green #/4, Orange #/3, Purple #/2, Teal 1/1.

PRISMATIC VERSIONS: Yellow #/10, Gray #/9, Red #/8, Navy Blue #/7, White #/6, Black #/5, Green #/4, Orange #/3, Purple #/2, Teal 1/1, Super Gold 1/1.

*Crystal parallels only for CT-8.*


CT-1 Will Anderson Jr. / Jalen Carter / Tyree Wilson

CT-2 Fred Biletnikoff / Howie Long / Marcus Allen

CT-3 Isaac Bruce / Sterling Sharp / Randy Moss

CT-4 Eric Dickerson / Emmitt Smith / Marshall Faulk

CT-5 Zay Flowers / Trenton Simpson / Dontay Demus Jr.

CT-6 Eric Gray / Deuce Vaughn / Chris Rodriguez Jr.

CT-7 Jake Haener / Tanner McKee / Max Duggan

CT-8 Jake Haener / Kendre Miller / A.T. Perry *

CT-9 Jaren Hall / DeWayne McBride / Jordan Addison

CT-10 Hendon Hooker / Jahmyr Gibbs / Mohamed Ibrahim

CT-11 Charlie Jones / Chase Brown / Andrei Iosivas

CT-12 Jim Kelly / Thurman Thomas / Andre Reed

CT-13 Dalton Kincaid / Luke Musgrave / Michael Mayer

CT-14 Drake Maye / Bo Nix / Quinn Ewers

CT-15 Kenny McIntosh / Jaxon Smith-Njigba / Zach Charbonnet

CT-17 Jayden Reed / Luke Musgrave / Dontayvion Wicks

CT-18 Rashee Rice / Tank Dell / Marvin Mims Jr.

CT-19 Bijan Robinson / Jahmyr Gibbs / Tyjae Spears

CT-20 Bijan Robinson / Clark Phillips III / Zach Harrison

CT-21 Noah Sewell / Roschon Johnson / Tyler Scott

CT-22 Mazi Smith / Deuce Vaughn / Jalen Cropper

CT-23 Jaxon Smith-Njigba / Quentin Johnston / Zay Flowers

CT-25 Caleb Williams / Quinn Ewers / Spencer Rattler


Sideline Painting Autographs Set Checklist

25 cards. Serial numbered #/10 or less.

CRYSTAL VERSIONS: Yellow #/10, Gray #/9, Red #/8, Navy Blue #/7, White #/6, Black #/5, Green #/4, Orange #/3, Purple #/2, Teal 1/1.

MOJO VERSIONS: Yellow #/10, Gray #/9, Red #/8, Navy Blue #/7, White #/6, Black #/5, Green #/4, Orange #/3, Purple #/2, Teal 1/1.

PRISMATIC VERSIONS: Yellow #/10, Gray #/9, Red #/8, Navy Blue #/7, White #/6, Black #/5, Green #/4, Orange #/3, Purple #/2, Teal 1/1, Super Gold 1/1.

*Randy Moss, Tyreek Hill not in Crystal/Mojo parallels.*

SP-AI1 Andrei Iosivas

SP-BB1 Brian Branch

SP-BR1 Bijan Robinson

SP-CJ1 Charlie Jones

SP-CL1 Cameron Latu

SP-CRJ Chris Rodriguez Jr.

SP-CT1 Cedric Tillman

SP-DW1 Darnell Washington

SP-DW2 Dontayvion Wicks

SP-EH1 Elijah Higgins

SP-JA1 Jordan Addison

SP-JR1 Jayden Reed

SP-JSN Jaxon Smith-Njigba

SP-JW1 Josh Whyle

SP-KM1 Kendre Miller

SP-LS1 Luke Schoonmaker

SP-MMJ Marvin Mims Jr.

SP-QJ1 Quentin Johnston

SP-RM1 Randy Moss *

SP-RR1 Rashee Rice

SP-TD1 Tank Dell

SP-TH1 Tyreek Hill *

SP-TS1 Tyler Scott

SP-XW1 Xavier Worthy

SP-ZF1 Zay Flowers


Street Signs Set Checklist

45 cards. Serial numbered #/10.

SS-AP1 Adrian Peterson

SS-AR1 Anthony Richardson

SS-BJ1 Bo Jackson

SS-BN1 Bo Nix

SS-BP1 Brock Purdy

SS-BR1 Bijan Robinson

SS-BY1 Bryce Young

SS-CJS C.J. Stroud

SS-CM1 Christian McCaffrey

SS-CW1 Caleb Williams

SS-DB1 Derrick Brooks

SS-DB2 Drew Brees

SS-DM1 Drake Maye

SS-DS1 Deion Sanders

SS-DV1 Deuce Vaughn

SS-ES1 Emmitt Smith

SS-HH1 Hendon Hooker

SS-JA1 Jordan Addison

SS-JB1 Joe Burrow

SS-JB2 Jerome Bettis

SS-JC1 Jalen Carter

SS-JG1 Jahmyr Gibbs

SS-JH2 Justin Herbert

SS-JM1 Joe Montana

SS-JSN Jaxon Smith-Njigba

SS-KB1 Kayshon Boutte

SS-LT1 LaDainian Tomlinson

SS-LT2 Lawrence Taylor

SS-MD1 Max Duggan

SS-MMJ Marvin Mims Jr.

SS-MV1 Michael Vick

SS-OBJ Odell Beckham Jr.

SS-PM1 Peyton Manning

SS-QE1 Quinn Ewers

SS-RB1 Ronnie Bell

SS-RM1 Randy Moss

SS-RR1 Rashee Rice

SS-SR1 Spencer Rattler

SS-SY1 Steve Young

SS-TB1 Tank Bigsby

SS-TH1 TreVeyon Henderson

SS-TT1 Thurman Thomas

SS-WAJ Will Anderson Jr.

SS-XW1 Xavier Worthy

SS-ZF1 Zay Flowers


Technicolor Autographs Set Checklist

27 cards. Serial numbered #/10 or less.

CRYSTAL VERSIONS: Yellow #/10, Gray #/9, Red #/8, Navy Blue #/7, White #/6, Black #/5, Green #/4, Orange #/3, Purple #/2, Teal 1/1.

MOJO VERSIONS: Yellow #/10, Gray #/9, Red #/8, Navy Blue #/7, White #/6, Black #/5, Green #/4, Orange #/3, Purple #/2, Teal 1/1.

PRISMATIC VERSIONS: Yellow #/10, Gray #/9, Red #/8, Navy Blue #/7, White #/6, Black #/5, Green #/4, Orange #/3, Purple #/2, Teal 1/1, Super Gold 1/1.

*Spencer Rattler not in Crystal/Mojo parallels.*

T-AR1 Anthony Richardson

T-BJO BJ Ojulari

T-BN1 Bo Nix

T-CJS C.J. Stroud

T-CP3 Clark Phillips III

T-CS1 Cam Smith

T-DM1 Drake Maye

T-DV1 Deuce Vaughn

T-JB1 Jordan Battle

T-JC1 Jalen Carter

T-JG1 Jahmyr Gibbs

T-JH1 Jake Haener

T-JH2 Jaren Hall

T-JM1 Joe Montana

T-KMI Kenny McIntosh

T-LM1 Luke Musgrave

T-MD1 Max Duggan

T-MM1 Myles Murphy

T-QE1 Quinn Ewers

T-SR1 Spencer Rattler *

T-TB1 Tank Bigsby

T-TM1 Tanner McKee

T-TS1 Tyjae Spears

T-TW1 Tyree Wilson

T-WAJ Will Anderson Jr.

T-XH1 Xavier Hutchinson

T-ZC1 Zach Charbonnet


Vivid Bursts Autographs Set Checklist

48 cards. Serial numbered #/10.

VB-AR1 Anthony Richardson

VB-ATP A.T. Perry

VB-BB1 Brian Branch

VB-BJ1 Bo Jackson

VB-BP1 Brock Purdy

VB-BR1 Bijan Robinson

VB-BY1 Bryce Young

VB-CJ1 Charlie Jones

VB-CJS C.J. Stroud

VB-CL1 Cameron Latu

VB-CM1 Christian McCaffrey

VB-CRJ Chris Rodriguez Jr.

VB-CW1 Caleb Williams

VB-DK1 Dalton Kincaid

VB-DM1 Drake Maye

VB-DS1 Deion Sanders

VB-DV1 Deuce Vaughn

VB-DW1 Darnell Washington

VB-ED1 Eric Dickerson

VB-HH1 Hendon Hooker

VB-JA1 Jordan Addison

VB-JB1 Joe Burrow

VB-JC1 Jalen Carter

VB-JG1 Jahmyr Gibbs

VB-JH1 Jake Haener

VB-JH2 Justin Herbert

VB-JH3 Jaren Hall

VB-JM1 Joe Montana

VB-JSN Jaxon Smith-Njigba

VB-JW1 Josh Whyle

VB-KB1 Kayshon Boutte

VB-KM1 Kendre Miller

VB-KMI Kenny McIntosh

VB-LT1 LaDainian Tomlinson

VB-LT2 Lawrence Taylor

VB-MM1 Myles Murphy

VB-MMJ Marvin Mims Jr.

VB-MN1 Malachi Nelson

VB-NS1 Noah Sewell

VB-QE1 Quinn Ewers

VB-RB1 Ronnie Bell

VB-RR1 Rashee Rice

VB-SY1 Steve Young

VB-TH1 TreVeyon Henderson

VB-TM1 Tanner McKee

VB-WAJ Will Anderson Jr.

VB-ZC1 Zach Charbonnet

VB-ZF1 Zay Flowers


Vivid Imagination Autographs Set Checklist

47 cards. Serial numbered #/10.

VI-AI1 Andrei Iosivas

VI-AR1 Anthony Richardson

VI-BB1 Brian Branch

VI-BB2 Brock Bowers

VI-BP1 Brock Purdy

VI-BR1 Bijan Robinson

VI-BY1 Bryce Young

VI-CJS C.J. Stroud

VI-CM1 Christian McCaffrey

VI-CW1 Caleb Williams

VI-DB1 Dick Butkus

VI-DB2 Drew Brees

VI-DM1 Drake Maye

VI-DV1 Deuce Vaughn

VI-DW1 Dontayvion Wicks

VI-EH1 Evan Hull

VI-IF1 Isaiah Foskey

VI-JA1 Jordan Addison

VI-JB1 Joe Burrow

VI-JC1 Jalen Carter

VI-JG1 Jahmyr Gibbs

VI-JH1 Jaren Hall

VI-JM1 Joe Montana

VI-JM2 Jonathan Mingo

VI-JR1 Jayden Reed

VI-JSN Jaxon Smith-Njigba

VI-KM1 Kendre Miller

VI-LS1 Luke Schoonmaker

VI-LT1 LaDainian Tomlinson

VI-MD1 Max Duggan

VI-MM1 Michael Mayer

VI-MMJ Marvin Mims Jr.

VI-MW1 Michael Wilson

VI-PN1 Puka Nacua

VI-QE1 Quinn Ewers

VI-QJ1 Quentin Johnston

VI-RJ1 Roschon Johnson

VI-RM1 Randy Moss

VI-RR1 Rashee Rice

VI-SR1 Spencer Rattler

VI-TH1 TreVeyon Henderson

VI-TS1 Tyjae Spears

VI-TW1 Tyree Wilson

VI-WAJ Will Anderson Jr.

VI-XH1 Xavier Hutchinson

VI-ZF1 Zay Flowers

VI-ZH1 Zach Harrison


2023 Leaf Vivid Football Update Checklist


Leaf Metal Collection Autographs Set Checklist

1 card.



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